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    Joyfully Growing In Grace engages in an examination of beliefs found in the Hebrew Roots Movement, Messianic Judaism, and Netzarim streams of thought and related sects.

    The term “Messianic” is generally understood to describe Jews who have come to believe in Yeshua/Jesus as their Messiah. Jews who are believers in Jesus/Yeshua typically call themselves Jewish/Hebrew Christians or simply, Christians.

    Many Christians meet folks who say they are ‘Messianic’ and assume that those folks are Jewish Christians. Most aren’t Jewish at all, but are Gentile Christians who have chosen to pursue Torah observance and have adopted the Messianic term, calling themselves Messianic Christians, adherents to Messianic Judaism, or simply, Messianics. Some will even try to avoid that label and say that they are followers of "The Way".

    These Gentiles (and to be fair, some Messianic Jews) preach Torah observance/pursuance for Christians, persuading many believers that the Christianity of the Bible is a false religion and that we must return to the faith of the first century sect of Judaism that they say Yeshua (Jesus Christ) embraced. According to them, once you become aware that you should be 'keeping' the edicts and regulations of Mosaic Covenant Law, if you do not, you are then in willful disobedience to God.

    It has been my observation that Christians who adopt the label of Messianic identify more with the tenets of Judaism than they do with the tenets of Christianity. Many reject the label of Christian altogether and some eventually even convert to Judaism.

    1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 says, "But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil."

    Joyfully Growing in Grace examines the methods, claims, and fruits of the Hebrew Roots Movement, Messianic Judaism, and Netzarim streams of thought and related, law-keeping sects.

    To borrow from a Forest Gump quote, “Law ‘keepers’ are like a box of chocolates - ya never know what you’re gonna get!” The goal of JGIG is to be a resource to help those affected by the Torah pursuant movements to try and sort out what they’re dealing with. Make use of the tabs with drop-down menus found at the top of this site – there’s tons of info there, and it’s very navigable.

    Be sure to click on the many embedded links within the posts here - there's lots of additional and related information for you to access that way, as well.

    Welcome, and may God grant you wisdom and discernment as you consider all of these things.

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Cartoon courtesy of xkcd – ‘Duty Calls’

Thanks guys,



If you’re someone in the HRM or a related Law-keeping sect or just a believer questioning what you believe and why, a clear presentation of the Gospel can be found HERE.  For more resources regarding the Hebrew Roots/Messianic movements see the Post Index and the Articles Page.  General study helps, discernment, and apologetics sites can be found HERE.  Good, foundational studies with a special emphasis on Old Covenant/New Covenant Truths can be found HERE.  Be sure to check out the Testimonies Page, as well.   Make use of the tabs with drop-down menus found at the top of this site – there’s tons of info there, and it’s very navigable.  May God guide and provide you with discernment as you seek His Truth.


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8 Responses

  1. Love the cartoon.

  2. Interesting and valuable site! Speaking of plagiarism though, should probably cite xkcd as the source for the cartoon ;)

  3. Is your theology Calvinist? Thank you.

  4. Rick—A reading of the salvation portion of any statement of faith is a simple way to determine whether they lean “reformed” (what some call ‘Calvinist’) or not. The JGIG statement says, “God regenerates (restores to a position of spiritual life) those who repent…” I.e. those who repent, God regenerates. Those who do not repent, God will not regenerate. Repentance comes first. You are saved because you do something. This is salvation by works and is a tenet of Arminianism.
    Calvinists, on the other hand, teach that you repent/believe because you are saved. That you were chosen for salvation before you ever existed [Eph 1:4-6], that God drew you [Jn 6:44] and then gave you the faith to believe. [Eph 2:1-10] This is salvation by grace, because if justice were served we would all be condemned.
    Curiously the Eph 2 passage is also used to defend JGIG’s position that belief precedes regeneration. Guess you’ll have to slug it out for yourself.

    • Sigh.

      As if there are no positions other than Calvinism or Arminianism.

      I disagree with both stances.

      Repentance is the changing of one’s mind in response to the goodness of God. When presented with the Gospel, one has a choice to make – to believe or not believe.

      What does God require? For us to believe on the One He has sent (Jn. 6:28-29 and 1 Jn. 3:23-24). It’s a response, not a ‘work’.

      Predestination refers to the corporate Body of Christ, not to the picking of some individuals for salvation while choosing others for damnation. You can read more about my viewpoint on Calvinism here: http://joyfullygrowingingrace.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/the-spring-feasts-of-god-crumbs-in-your-peanut-butter/#comment-6311

      And if you spend any time at this site at all, it will become clear that I’m no adherent to Arminianism, either (see this post).

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